Mango Puree, Guava Puree (Pulp)

Our mango pulp and guava pulp has a delicate taste and are commonly used in food processing industries because of its numerous health benefits and applications. Mango puree and Guava pure is used in various food products like juices, nectars, jams, ice creams, yogurts, and as a flavoring or ingredient in sauces and dressings due to its sweet and tangy taste.


We are the most recommended mango pulp, guava pulp and concentrate manufacturers and suppliers in India, having huge demand around across the globe because of our superior quality and the absence of preservatives. Our mango pulp and guava pulp manufacturing facilities are located in Viajayawada – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra with advanced manufacturing facilities and experienced professionals including Food Technologists to handle the demand and serve to our valued customers hassle free. 


We manufacture Aseptic Mango Puree, Aseptic White and Pink Guava Puree, packaging in MS drums with aseptic bags and liners our frozen mango pulp, frozen guava pulp with the packaging 1 kg. x 16 packets in  16 kg. carton is processed and packed in Maharashtra state. That are maintained at a constant temperature of -18 to -21 degrees.

Mango processing Industry in India – Production capacities

There are two main clusters of mango pulp processing industries in India, with roughly 75 processing units surrounded by the orchards of Alphonso and totapuri mangoes. Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh and Krishnagiri in Tamilnadu are the locations of these clusters. 

India is the largest exporter of mango pulp. During the year 2020-2021, the country exported 89,725 metric tons of mango pulp to the world, valued at 600 crores/87.88 million USD. Though mango is cultivated across all the regions in India, the mango pulp processing industries are established only in the southern and western parts of India. These regions account for a major proportion of exports from India. The mango pulp industries located in the Krishnagiri district of Tamilnadu are the largest producer of mango puree. It generates about 500 crores of foreign exchange annually. 

India produces 350000 tons of mango puree each year, accounting for half of the global mango pulp production of 700000 tonnes. It exports 200000 tonnes of mango every year and 150000 tonnes is consumed domestically. 

Packaging: (Aseptic & Frozen) Aseptic bags are being imported from Goglio Italy and Scholle IPN have its presence across the world. And for Frozen packaging the inner laminate and carton boxes are purchased from the local manufactureres around our manufacturing units

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